Building since 1973

Telhabel is a construction company that was incorporated in 1973, in Vila Nova de Famalicão, by Engineer Manuel Sampaio Couto. Throughout its history the company has always been ahead of the market and safely positioned therein. Operating both in the national and international segments, Telhabel has been demonstrating great ability to keep pace with the advances of the construction industry and public works, being for a long time a reference in the sector.
Telhabel has always contributed actively and effectively to sustainable development having established as main competitiveness factors: quality of the service provided, compliance with deadlines, use of the most advanced techniques, continuous qualification of human resources, commitment with safety standards and respect for environmental issues.
Telhabel invests significantly in diversifying its portfolio. The company operates in the most diverse areas of the market such as education, sports, rehabilitation, health, services, industrial, residential, infrastructure and works of art.


Our message

Building a solid company that is able to make a longstanding mark in the industry is only possible with the drive and innovation that have defined us since our company was founded. This, together with the satisfaction of our clients, is reflected in our success. Over more than forty years, we have always believed that the values that move us – ethics, responsibility and transparency – must be present in all our daily activities. This has enabled us to attain an increasingly solid position in the market, as well as sustained growth and the highest quality in all our services. Also, in a current international outlook where scenarios can change at enormous speed, it is crucial to offer rigor, quality in process management, planning and delivery capacity, real-time control of results and the best use of capital. True to these guiding principles, we have built a strong entrepreneurial capacity with the means and resources, including human capital, to allow us to achieve internationalization and diversification in our activities within a number of sectores. Together with our employees, partners and other stakeholders we will continue to strive for the goals we have set, with a natural perception of the innovation necessary to achieve them, while constantly keeping in mind that today we build the future.

Our values

Ethics, Responsibility and Transparency

To be in business with integrity, devotion and determination.

Commitment and Dedication with clients

Understand the needs and expectations of customers by helping them in the success of their business.

Life above everything else

We take care of people, workers and environment. Safety, stability and wellbeing for responsibility in future generations.


Our vision

Together we are better

To work hard to be the best at what we do. Quality, rigor and innovation and a wide range of solutions for our customers.


Our mission

Building the future of a better society and future generations


The TELHABEL CONSTRUÇÕES, S.A. recognizes that the QUALITY of services, ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION and WORK SAFETY are essential to the success of the company. This recognition on the form of policy, aimed to achieve Customer Satisfaction by providing a resource optimization, Leal seeking a way to achieve the Goals.





Objectives of the Quality, Safety and Environment:


- Work hard;

- Continuous improvement through periodic review of processes, policy, objectives and targets;

- Compliance with legislation and other requirements;

- Encourage the prevention of accidents and pollution;

- Customer loyalty;

- Rationalize the consumption of energy, natural resources and raw materials;

- Reduce and properly manage waste;

- Increase productivity, ensuring the profitability of the company;

- Respect the environment and the surrounding society;

- Organize, develop, coordinate and control the activities of prevention and protection against occupational hazards, preventing accidents, thus ensuring the good health of employees.




Having always in mind the QUALITY POLICY,