Residential Structure, Day Center and Home Nursing

This residential structure for aged people (ERPI acronym in Portuguese), with the purpose of day center and home nursing, located in the municipality of Albufeira, finds itself inserted in a terrain of 28.356m2. The building is developed across 3 floors, with a gross construction area of 4.906m2.

Efanor Gardens I Factory

The Factory building is located in a private condominium, in Matosinhos, with unique characteristics in Portugal, surrounded by a private green park with 3 hectares.

The building is fully occupied by T0 and T1 typologies, with the exception of the ground floor, which will be occupied by commercial activities.

Salinas Park

The 1st and 2nd phases of this development are characterized by the construction of a Retail Park located in Alverca do Ribatejo, on an area of land of 46,940.00m², with a building implantation area of 8,190.00m².

The building is characterized by being made up of 5 fractions that will be redeveloped into four renowned commercial spaces. The entire surroundings of the building will undergo a thorough overhaul.

Efanor Gardens | Natura Side Apartments

This construction with a contemporary style is made of simple volumes and a structural architecture, bearing in mind the horizontal nature.
The building is formed by 4 blocks (A1, A2, A3 and A4), which are connected by two floors with a common basement with more than 30.000 sqm. Besides that, it has also access to a private garden with more than 28.000 sqm.
These blocks have, in total, 146 flats. The A1 and A2 Blocks are formed by three floors above the threshold quota. The other two blocks (A3 and A4) are eight floors above the threshold level.

Building for hospital services

This new edifice in Porto has eight floors with a construction gross area of 8.000 sqm.
The rectangular building with six floors above the ground level will held place to medical offices and rooms for hospitalised patients.  It will also have two floors below the ground level for the technical rooms and parking lot.

Marechal 50

The Marechal 50 palace will be subject to an intervention that is committed to the restoration of the original 1944 project.

In addition to the full restoration of the existing building, a new 3 floors’ volume will be developed, replacing a few existing outbuildings without functional relevance or architectural value and that are not part of the original project.

Paço de Rei Tower

The Paço de Rei Tower, rising up in Vila Nova de Gaia, reflects a volumetric expression and a high height in the surrounding area projecting a prominent building. This office building is composed by an image that emphasises its verticality, through vertical shaders on a curtain wall façade. 

In addition to the rhythm of the depth of the shaders that compose the elevations, two garden areas were also implanted in opposite corners.

Rossio 62

This property located in the heart of Lisbon's Pombaline downtown, characterized by the monumentality of its buildings, will be rehabilitated and adapted for a hotel and commercial area.