Atlântico da Madalena Municipal Pavilion
Vila Nova de Gaia

This gymnastic pavilion stands out in the architectural aspect by the conjugation of two volumes glued together, already from the constructive point of view is characterized by the use of a system consisting of porticos in metallic profiles and a slab lightened in the floor 1 where the benches will be located. The coatings are summarized by the use of self-supporting panels in 40 mm thick polycarbonate and cell geometry (4 walls) and prefabricated concrete panels. At floor level, the use of an “elastic area” type floor made of wood plywood plates based on rubber sinoblocks with upper hardwood flooring, combined “Combilastic HG” flooring, self-leveling floors and in porcelain mosaic. In the outer areas was used treatment of the surrounding to the building for parking granite bucket.