Praia da Leça da Palmeira Elementary School

The present intervention consisted in the remodeling of the existing school building maintaining its original appearance and volumetry and construction of a new building, connected by a central , where classrooms, cafeteria, library and support services are installed. Right next to the beach, the new complex has an excellent sun exposure and takes full advantage of natural light. In addition to the 4 classrooms of the 1st cycle in the existing building, there were built on the ground floor of the new building new kindergarten rooms, library, space for employees, dining room, gym, kitchen and its dependencies. Already upstairs, 4 new rooms for the basic education of the first cycle are installed and a small room of collection with benches for the plastic expression, all equipped with the respective furniture and endowed with wireless network. On this new volume of two floors, the car park with 3200m2 is implanted. With a total area of 3900m2 the school has several outdoor recreational spaces with playground and games, fruit trees and a zone with vegetable land for the students garden.