Vila Real de Santo António High School
Vila Real de Santo António

This contract is part of phase 3 of the Modernization Program of the School Park for High School and includes the works for the modernization, remodeling and expansion of two school buildings in Algarve (Lot 3ES1). In this school part of the buildings were kept and reused, the adaptations and reorganization gave them new functionalities characteristics with total harmony to the set. With the demolition of enveloping covered spaces and construction of new structures, the outer space has been redesigned and reorganized into distinct areas, the sports area and the leisure and recreation area. Outside the spring is implanted a new amphitheater and to the west the concentrated sports area with an indoor sports field and 3 open fields, track for athletics and other sporting activities. In the perimeter of the school was wherever possible maintained the existing afforestation with requalification of the green areas. Throughout the construction, new electrical infrastructures, telecommunications, water networks, sewage, avac and new coatings were implemented in order to guarantee acoustic and thermal insulation and in accordance with all the legislation in force.